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Active Directory Security Audit find out the status of security measures for key areas of your organization

Verify that your organization remains protected in the event of an attack, especially in key areas such as Active Directory and related services. Together we can assess security measures and identify opportunities to increase your system's resilience against insider threats, minimizing the risk of environmental compromise.

What you get with the service

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We will conduct a thorough security assessment of the heart of your business for you.

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The assessment is carried out with regard to attacks that can be carried out against the system

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If you put our recommendations into practice, then we will reduce the possibility of Active Directory compromise to a minimum

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If necessary, we will also focus on other services such as EntraID or on services such as CA, DNS, DHCP and others that are directly integrated with Active Directory

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We will carry out the assessment very quickly and professionally and above all without impact on your organization

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We can perform the assessment both against a copy of your production domain controllers and against a production environment that is only minimally loaded with data collection

Our quality standard

  • We always perform a fully manual assessment and automate data collection from your production Active Directory servers as much as possible
  • We focus on areas that even professional tools miss

  • We track really important settings and prioritize fixes based on speed of change and impact on users
  • We will always offer you the option of changing the settings from our side or consulting on our proposed changes, which we will include in the report

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