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Comprehensive risk analysis and asset analysis you know how to identify and evaluate risks in your organization

The correct identification of risks, impact assessment and interrelationships of the obtained information are key factors to make risk analysis successful and truly usable in all areas of cyber and information security. The worst situation is to fumble how to grasp this topic. We help you go through the entire process of identification, evaluation and mitigation to effectively incorporate this process with real added value for your company. Monitor the risks applicable to you and prioritize measures based on real numbers set by your guarantors or calculated within the mathematical models we use.

What you get with the service

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We will create a clear and understandable risk analysis methodology for you

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We will provide you with the tools to manage the risk analysis agenda

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We will ensure that your risk managers will be able to work with risk analysis or we will provide regular risk reviews for you as a service

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We will put together a set of risk mitigation measures for you, taking into account your strategy, risk appetite and the context of your organization

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We will discuss with guarantors of primary and supporting assets

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We will map the company's assets for you and determine the dependencies of primary assets on supporting assets

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Together, we will design a sustainable asset record system and their interdependencies that will provide a transparent view of potential asset weaknesses.

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If necessary, we will conduct a Business Impact Analysis together, which will serve as a basis for risk analysis.

Our quality standard

  • We choose primarily quantitative risk analysis models (real numbers instead of colors and linear scales)
  • We will always provide you with the tools, models and automations we build for you
  • We will make sure that you will be able to effectively use the system for the benefit of your organization
  • We do not deal with meaningless and unworkable risks
  • We always focus specifically on your specific business segment and minimize the use of generic models (threats, vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • We use model situations for proper determination and evaluation

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