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Consultancy make sure you're choosing a proper security solution

We can help you make the right decision when choosing security technologies. Let us check the systems on offer in real operation and discover their security weaknesses. Be confident that you are investing meaningfully in cyber security.

What you get with the service

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Testing the offered solution in action by simulating a real threat (not just based on documentation).

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Independent assessment of the supplier, including identification of security risks and evaluation of the effectiveness of the investment.

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The certainty of choosing the right technology that makes sense in the context of your organization and its existing systems.

Who already has experience with our service

You wouldn't believe what can happen to you...


SOC is about people. And it's not for everyone.

SOC everywhere you look and for everyone the consolation of cybersecurity assurance. But that is not the case today. SOC is all about people and not technology. And not every organization can effectively adapt SOC from day to day.

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