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CR3DECTIV Password leak analysis find out whether your access data has been leaked

Yes it is legal if you give us your consent. We find leaks of your access data to systems and services that are clearly identified as yours. We search across services that specialize in these leaks and our success rate is one of the highest. Be one step ahead and gain the ability to change your attitudes before someone takes advantage of them.

What you get with the service

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By identifying leaked passwords and tokens, you prevent a cyber attack

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Based on the findings, you can modify the internal regulations aimed at protecting the identity

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We never pass the information on and we delete it immediately after passing it on to you

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We can help you check against the Active Directory database

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Together with you, we can create an effective preventive protection system.

Our quality standard

  • We focus on global identification in various services
  • We identify leaks in combolists and infostealer data

  • We compile a global report defining the exposure score of each person in the leak
  • We will give you everything in a readable form without association to a person

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