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Digital Forensics and Incident Response that hackers do as little damage as possible. And make sure you have solid evidence

You have been attacked. More damage than the hacker himself can be caused by a chaotic course of action after the attack has been recognised. We help to avert the crisis as quickly as possible to ensure that the company suffers the least possible loss. We also help to secure evidence which is admissible by the official authorities (insurance companies, the police and the courts).

What you get with this service

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Rapid resolution of a crisis situation. We guarantee that the entire process will be carried out safely and in such a way that evidence and key information about the course of the attack will not be compromised.

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The certainty of properly obtained evidence so that it can be used later when dealing with the insurance company or if the matter goes to court.

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A detailed explanation of the cause of the problem, which in addition to the technical part (relevant for the IT department) also includes a summary for management.

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Roadmap for next steps. If you are interested, we will recommend our partner to help with data restore and overall recovery. We guarantee their work and supervise it at all times.

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