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Digital profile of the organisation you know what hackers can find out about you

Output from the PR Department, job descriptions in recruitment ads, employee profiles on social media, photos on Google Maps, leaked information on the dark web... By combining different sources, hackers can paint a more accurate picture of your company than you might suspect. And a more accurate picture than you would like. Find out how big a security risk this is.

What you get with the service

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Detailed insight into everything there is to know about your company without having to break into your systems. 

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Security risk analysis and an idea of how (un)easy a target you are for hackers.

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Specific recommendations for safer behaviour of management and regular employees (especially PR and HR departments). 

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Information about whether your company has been hacked in the past, a report of your footprint on the dark web and deep web.

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Awareness of the quality of protection of corporate know-how, such as technologies used, procedures, accounting details.

Our quality standard

We don't just stop at analysing the Open Sources and network profiles. We are digging up information from all over the internet that you wouldn't think could be found. And we show how hackers can use it.

  • detailed report in about a week
  • including analysis of the dark web and deep web
  • wide range of information and sources, comprehensive outputs (what can be found out about the financial situation, production technologies, enterprise security)
  • we don't work with questionnaires, we do the same as hackers (they don't ask questions either)
  • explicit recommendations on what to improve, including prioritization

Working closely