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DoS and DDoS attack simulation find out how to effectively defend against different types of attacks

There is nothing worse than when an attack comes when you have the least time and the least room to maneuver. With us, you can effectively prepare your systems for various types of attacks, including those that may occur during deadlines, home office or large events such as Black Friday. Through a faithful simulation of attacks, we can together identify weaknesses and propose measures that allow you to protect yourself from risks. It often turns out that only the correct system settings would be sufficient for many attacks, without the need to invest in expensive solutions or services.

What you get with the service

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A truly realistic simulation of a DoS/DDoS-type cyberattack to disable services

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You have the opportunity to monitor the manifestations in your environment and you will verify how difficult it would be for an attacker to disable your services

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We routinely test out of hours and with reported service outages as our success rate of causing unavailability is over 90%

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We'll advise you on how to modify configurations to increase resilience and discuss ways to execute a given type of attack

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We will offer you various options for implementing an attack with or without the use of DarkNet services and Botnets

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Implementation from more than 250 endpoints for attacks on the application layer and for attacks on the transport or protocol layer we use 3 to 5 nodes

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The strength we normally achieve is 300,000 RPS when attacking web services and about 4 Gbps for loaded lines and on perimeter elements of the infrastructure

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In our portfolio we have more than 20 types of DoS and DDoS attacks of different nature, course and attack on different network layers

Our quality standard

  • Our attack simulation is designed to mimic real threats from hackers and hacktivists as closely as possible
  • We do not destroy systems and perform thorough and controlled testing before actual implementation
  • We look for bottlenecks that we identify with minimal organizational interaction

  • We do not burden you with unnecessary testing that would have no effect
  • For proper testing in the types of tests recommended by us, only 4 hours of the time of the team responsible for networks and server infrastructure will be required from your side

  • We carry out attacks from the Internet, but we can also carry out attacks in internal networks

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