Cyber Rangers


IT and OT audit you know your security vulnerabilities and how to improve

Identify the places where hackers can get you. Most formal audits based on paper questionnaires do not tell you much about actual security. We go deep, assessing more than just the technical infrastructure, but also company processes, and for manufacturing companies, we also include operational technology (OT). And we then hand everything over to you in a language which management can understand.

What you get with the service

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A comprehensive report on your security level from a hacker's perspective. We focus on both technology and processes.

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A list of steps to help you effectively improve your security. Including those you can implement right away.

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For manufacturing companies, we also include operational technology (OT) in the audit. We also audit physical access to devices and systems.

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We are a certified authority, we deliver with all the compliance required by legislation.

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Recommendations for the medium and long term and for specific security technologies.

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