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Penetration tests you know if your information systems can withstand hackers

We will test the security of your systems by simulating a hacker attack. From inside or outside the organisation.In the scope which you determine. We go further than conventional vulnerability scanners. We don’t knock on the door,because the goal of the hacker is to get inside.

What you get with the service

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Stress test your safety shield. We don't do drills for the sake of drills, we simulate a real situation, and like hackers, we don't handle it with kid gloves.

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Assurance that we won't do any damage to your systems. If you wish, we can test a duplicate environment instead of live production.

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You can choose the scope of testing and the variant of the simulated attack. Inside or outside? Physically or just digitally? With or without knowing the source code?

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You'll see what happens at what stage of a hacker attack and how your systems respond. An invaluable experience for your IT.

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Detailed report with management summary and specific recommendations on how to improve security.

Our quality standard

There is no penetration test like a penetration test

  • Often it is limited to vulnerability scanning, but lacks the simulation of cracking the environment.
  • It is often carried out according to standardised procedures.

How we do it

  • We follow the same procedures as hackers, including the latest tactics.

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