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Red teaming

...the most complex stress test of your company's digital and physical resilience

Find out whether your company is mentally and procedurally prepared for an attack. Red teaming combines advanced hacking simulations with attempts at physical security breach and human hacking practices. The challenge is clear: get inside. Any way you can.

What you get with the service

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An understanding of the risks associated with a digital or physical attack, naming the critical points.

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Comprehensive background check. Red teaming takes place over a period of months and checks everything from IT security to the deployment of security cameras, the strength of locks or the qualifications of security guards.

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Awareness of your security weaknesses with specific suggestions for improvement.

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An unbiased view of how your security works in normal operation. Unlike other methods, only a minimum of people know about the testing process, so employees are not sensitized.

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Your people gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Our quality standard

The scope of red teaming depends on the agreement. As a standard, we test the following areas:

  • digital profile of the organisation and OSINT
  • social engineering
  • people readiness, the ability to recognize suspicious behaviors and events
  • IT systems security (penetration test)
  • the quality of internal processes for detecting suspicious activities
  • security of IT/OT systems
  • ensuring the physical security of the organisation's premises

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