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Simulated phishing check the readiness of your employees

Phishing remains the most common way of breaching corporate security. Invest in the development of your people and prepare them for the latest tactics used by attackers and the increasingly sophisticated appearance of phishing emails. Repeated mock campaigns increase your employees’ sensibility to phishing attacks and help appropriately set up company processes for reporting them.

What you get with the service

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Your employees will have real-world experience of a phishing attack, and company management will get an idea of how well you can resist it.

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Increased sensitivity and awareness of the latest forms of fraudulent emails and current hacking tactics.

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Recommendations on what to do if users do not recognise the phishing and security is breached.

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Recommendations (especially for the HR department) on how to focus additional employee training and how to motivate the process of reporting suspicious emails.

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Detailed report with management summary and specific recommendations on how to improve security. And, for repeat tests, an assessment of the evolution.

Our quality standard

Companies, which only need to demonstrate that a phishing test has been carried out, are screening employees with emails of this type...

...we incorporate examples of real attacks into our campaigns.

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