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Supplier Audit you know how your suppliers operate and if they follow your company's security standards

Suppliers often operate with less restrictive procedures and often lack a clear manual on how to behave properly and adhere to safety standards in our company. Their offers often contain requirements that conflict with the company's existing restrictions, posing a real and significant security risk. Together we can look at suppliers' approaches, their security measures and develop rules and procedures that will not limit suppliers or increase the price, but at the same time ensure the security of our information.

What you get with the service

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Detailed analysis from a hacker's point of view focused on your suppliers, with the aim of revealing security flaws that could threaten your company.

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Clear and transparent evaluation, transfer of findings to the supplier and subsequent control of the fulfillment of the requirement

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Preparation of the entire supplier evaluation process and the use of our unique methodology and tools for monitoring the development of supplier security

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Joint discussion and proposal of measures on the next steps to protect the company from unruly suppliers

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Regular security audits of suppliers by a third party (us).

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Provable and auditable methods of our inspection and the possibility of monitoring the progress of inspections and the development of the supplier's security

Our quality standard

  • We have our own methodology proven by many customers
  • We use globally recognized NIST and CIS standards

  • e assess not only by discussion, but also by looking at the system, if the contracts allow it

  • We are uncompromising but fair to all parties equally (we are independent)
  • We find what others cannot detect and what is normally hidden by the supplier

Working closely