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CYB3R Days 2022

Datum 6. 9. 2022
Místo Prague
Určěno pro managers, IT and security specialists
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Cyber Rangers' conference focusing on ethical hacking, DFIR, compliance and legal.


Datum 5. 9. 2023
Místo Prague
Určěno pro managers, IT and security specialists
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Join us at CYB3R DAYS 2023!

Are you a manager, a hacker, a security specialist, a member of a cyber security team, or do you work as an analyst in a SOC team?

Enter the world of cyber security and discover its dark side. join us at the conference, where we will focus on the latest trends and developments in cyber security, including the latest threats, vulnerabilities and solutions to protect against cyber attacks.

On this occasion, we will not only provide all the necessary information to help you take your security skills to the next level, but also allow you to connect with other experts in these fields.

The first day of the conference is dedicated to IT/OT managers, financial directors, HR.

The second day is content focused on a technical position in cyber security.

Join us and unleash your inner hacker. Gain valuable knowledge and strategies to help protect the digital world. Don't miss this unique opportunity and come and dive into the depths of cyber security with us.

Qubit Conference Košice 2023

Datum 8. 11. 2023
Místo Košice
Určěno pro CISO, C-level kritické infrastruktury, DPO, CTO, CSO....
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Událost podzimní sezony se blíží! Konference o kybernetické bezpečnosti na Slovensku 👉 Qubit Conference Košice 2023 je rozhodně akce, na které byste neměli chybět.
8. - 9. 11. 2023
◾️ 200 + účastníků ze Slovenské i České komunity (CISO, C-level kritické infrastruktury, DPO, CTO, CSO....)
◾️ 5 panelových diskusií
◾️ 3 praktické workshopy – pre C-level cybersec nadšence ale aj pro malé a střední podniky
◾️ lokální akce ve slovenském jazyku
◾️ networking
Pokud na konferenci zavítáte, určitě navštivte workshop na téma: Od auditu po Incident Response Plan, který si pro vás naši Rangeři Připravili.