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TechEd 2022

Datum 17. 5. 2022
Místo Prague / online
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Next week we have another spring event, which is the 20th TechEd Conference.

You can look forward to lectures by leading Czech and Slovak experts from the world of information technology.
The conference is designed for IT and database specialists, developers, security experts and all those who want to keep up to date with current and future trends in Microsoft and IT products.
It will be held in a hybrid format - 1 day in Prague and 2 days online.

📆17 - 19 May 2022, Prague

Are you going to the TechEd conference too? Don't miss the lecture by our colleague Jan Marek
➡️ Evading Windows security technologies

QuBit Conference Prague 22

Datum 25. 5. 2022
Místo Prague
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Qubit Conference Prague 2022 invites all cybersecurity experts to come and share their valuable experience and best ideas on a wide range of topics in the field of cybersecurity development, current trends and regulations, digital transformation and key ways of managing organizations today, etc.

Our colleague Jan Marek will have a session focused on ➡️ Practical Defense Evasion.

Please note the whole conference is organized in English.

Texas Cyber Summit

Datum 22. 9. 2022
Místo Austin, Texas, US
Určěno pro hackers and cybersec experts
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In September, our ranger Jan Marek will give a talk at the Texas Cyber Summit in Austin. If you're in Texas, come see us!

CYB3R Days 2022

Datum 6. 9. 2022
Místo Prague
Určěno pro managers, IT and security specialists
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Cyber Rangers' conference focusing on ethical hacking, DFIR, compliance and legal.